MINIMALUXE is a haven for people who understand luxurious minimalism. It  provides tips and strategies to a community of like-minded individuals who share the mindset and habits of a minimalist yet luxurious lifestyle


As a blog, Minimaluxe provides content on the art and science of “minimalist-luxe” : That minimalism doesn't necessarily entail spartan living, but living with beautiful yet functional essentials. The content centers on decluttering, practical letting go, conscious consumption, and creating purposeful spaces around the idea of functional beauty and décor.

Declutter Manila : Declutter Concierge

MinimaLUXE's on-the-ground counterpart is DECLUTTER MNL, a local service which offers in-person professional decluttering services in and around Metro Manila, the Philippines specifically targeting the expat and struggling declutterer niche. Declutter MNL aims to be the top decluttering and organizing service for expats in Manila.

Declutter MNL's ideal client is an expat who

  • Is moving to another country and needs to end-to-end disposal management;

  • has just moved to Manila and navigating her way;

  • doesn’t know where to get what to fix her home;

  • needs some "hand-holding" as they settle into their home.

  • It also aims to help struggling declutterers who would like practical advice and actual steps in making their homes and lives simpler and streamlined.

For more information on Declutter MNL's Services, please visit our Services page.