Tidying an Entryway Using the KonMari Method

source: unsplash

source: unsplash

Whenever I move to a new country, the first thing I always set up is our entrance. Here you can see pictures of our Jakarta entrance and berlin entrance.

Entrances are very useful spaces, so much so that sometimes they become a dumping ground for the things that we think we really, really need. In other words, entrances have a tendency to get really cluttered. Another word for an entry hall is a mudroom.

A mudroom is where boots and outerwear are shed, shopping bags get dropped, and keys and coins are tossed. Coats, hats, schoolbags, umbrellas and often shoes are left out in the open, creating visual chaos – and making it hard to  find what you need to deal with or wear.

STORE IT! Where to put all the things you need to keep

I wanna show you a recent tidying we did of an entry way. Our client had a lot going on in the entrance, with several bug out bag versions, luggage and items for disposal.


The entrance also had a very large and hardworking built-in storage, that was filled to the brim. This is very common for entryways, especially if there is no specific, assigned location for your stuff. Naturally, it gets jumbled up. Does this happen to you too? Don’t worry, it happens to me too. The secret is to have an assigned location for stuff.

entryway storage


The first step is always to clear the shelves and put all the contents on your table or floor. This is the perfect chance to wipe the storage, and clean your belongings, before putting them back. By them I mean, only the items that #SparkJoy of course.

2-JOEY entrance1.jpg

Once the items are in a central location, where you can see them all, you will be surprised, at how much you actually have. Then we guided our client, to do the #KonMariMethod of touching each item and asking themselves, if the item truly sparks joy. If an item brings about feelings of guilt, shame or sayang (what a pity) for not having used it, then it goes to the disposal pile.

Here are the before and after photos after 3.5 hours of tidying.


home entryway declutter


Now this space is very clear. The top portion is for glass jars with their lids, the middle is for all the china - organized according to color - and the bottom is for the luggage and the newest set of bug out bags, with the backs facing the door, so it’s easy to grab.

entryway storage decluttering

One section of the storage is for pots/pans, and below are all the coolers. Just like Mari Kondo’s bag-in-a-bag, the smaller coolers go inside the bigger coolers, to save on space. The largest cooler has a medium cooler, with a small cooler inside. It is truly #SpaceSaving!

On top of the coolers are the booster seats, and air pump for the bikes.

tidying entryway storage

In this top portion of the storage, their used to be a vacuum cleaner. I don’t recommend this because it’s hard to access. The vacuum cleaner should be nearby at hand, so that it can be used regularly.

Now the space is for cooking accessories - large and small - and cheese plates with their knives.

Like most Filipino families, the turbo broiler was kept in it’s original box, which is already showing it’s age and can also attract pests. Cockroaches love feasting on boxes. After the session, you can clearly see the turbo broiler and the roasting pan, making it more accessible (easy to grab) and pleasant to use.

entrance storage tidying

We always send our client BEFORE & AFTER pics, not just to celebrate life-changing victories, but also so that when they feel, like the clutter is creeping back in, they can always refer to the photos, and arrange accordingly.

The entry way is now a bright and clear space that breathes. Please feel free to like and share, if this transformation inspires you!

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