3 Tape Gift-wrapping

image: hautestock.co

image: hautestock.co

If you really must use tape with your gift wrapping, then I recommend using the minimum amount possible, which is my experience is THREE! I recommend using paper or washi tape over plastic tape, because washi is quite cool, because it’s easily removable without damaging the paper (for easy reuse), unlike plastic tape that totally destroys the paper. I even reuse the washi tape myself.

I personally like to reuse wrapping paper to wrap things that I send via mail. When done right, paper is much better at protecting our things than bubble wrap. It is what movers use to wrap my crystal glasses with each move. So if it’s good enough for professionals, then it’s good enough for me. Besides bubble wrap is not recyclable, so I’m happy that paper does the job better.

STEP 1: After cutting paper to size, fold once around your gift and tape. Be sure to create crisp folds, so the paper is snug around the gift.


STEP 2.: Fold down the top and sides with crisp fold, then fold up and put tape number 2.


STEP 3: Repeat the process in the other side.


The result is a gift wrapped with only 3 pieces of tape!


STEP 4: Flip over the to clean side and write a sweet Christmas greeting directly on the gift, or use do The Thoughtful Bow, to make it extra festive.


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