How to Store Christmas Ornaments in Smaller Lighter Boxes

christmas ornaments

Does taking out your Christmas ornaments make the hair on your arms stand, knowing how dusty and untidy it’s going to be? Here’s are a few tips that will change your life:

  1. You don’t have to keep their unsightly brown boxes, that only attract roaches and pests. If the box is dirty and gross, get rid of it.

  2. You don’t need to keep them in their original boxes at all. Buy smaller but nicer boxes so you can store similar items together.

  3. In the next post, I will teach you how to wrap fragile items in a professional way - how shippers have packed my glasses during each move to a different country - so that they are well protected, yet don’t take up so much space. I try to avoid using bubble wrap because they are single use plastic that’s adding to the trash in the ocean.

I’m showing you here how we put away our client Amanda’s Christmas decor since they were in bulky dusty, containers that weren’t a joy to open or put away.


Christmas Decor is usually stored in a mish mash of ways. Even worse many of them are stored in dusty boxes that probably attract cockroaches, moths and silverfish.

1-tidy christmas ornaments.jpg


Remove them from the original packaging and organize them according to color. Use the lids and boxes to do this.

2-tidy christmas ornaments-001.jpg

See all the bulky packaging that we removed.

3-tidy christmas ornaments-002.jpg


Use smaller boxes and put items in the same color family in one box, with the heavier items in the bottom and more fragile items on top. Since it’s small, there is less chance of dropping them and it’s easier to handle the boxes.

I like these ones because they are light, so even if the decor is fragile, there is no need to put paper in between each one. Avoid heavy large boxes because you are more likely to drop them and break items within.

4-tidy christmas ornaments-003.jpg

You can use also use these, but be careful with handling, and you might need to put a bit of padding in between each item.

how to store christmas ornaments