How To Store Ribbons Tidily

how to store ribbons tidily.png

We try to avoid tape as much as possible and as we’ve show you before, using ribbons and strings is the perfect way to do Tape Free Wrapping. Combined with The Thoughtful Bow, it is the the ultimate way to make sure that the wrapping materials you used can easily be reused by the recipient of your package.

This is a super easy way to store ribbons neatly so they aren’t getting tangled up in your crafting/gifting kit. All you need are pearl/pin head pins.

Easy peasy right? Strings are a little bit different.

How to Store String Tidily

  1. Untangle Knots

  2. Wrap around 4 fingers while leaving some space at the end

  3. Remove from around your fingers & pinch in the middle

  4. Wrap excess string around the middle, then pull end through to knot

Enjoy post Christmas decluttering. Up next is

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