Why Minimaluxe?


As a diplomat's wife, I struggle with having things that I need for entertaining as part of my husband's job, and wanting a simple and stress-free minimalist lifestyle. Most of the minimalist inspiration out there is too bare and definitely not a realistic goal for our family. 

Then I realized... we don't need to aspire for things that are not reasonable or realistic. We can achieve a more minimalist, yet LUXE lifestyle that allows us to have whatever sparks joy in our lives. We do not need to be spartan or obsessed with what we cut out from our lives. The Kon Mari Method has helped me keep what is meaningful and joyful, while letting go of everything else.

Hence a new brand of Minimalism was born: MinimaLUXE!

When we declutter our lives, we make way for abundance and more blessings in all the other aspects. Consequently, having fewer things also helps us afford better, higher quality things that make every day living a pleasure. 

Some inspiring minimaLUXE spaces below to get your decluttering juices flowing...