Declutter Services

MinimaLUXE offers a variety of services both internationally and locally (in the Philippines, at present). If you are a struggling declutterer and are needing some mentoring and guidance for your journey towards a minimalist-luxe life, then contact us. We're sure one of our decluttering services are for you.

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I ask you to prepare inspiration pegs and take pictures of your problem areas before we set our consultation meeting, whether it's in your home or virtually, we can help you figure out the least stressful way to declutter.

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As a diplomat's wife who has moved 3 countries in 6 years, I can guide you on the best practices in pre-move decluttering, help you decide what to bring/keep & stress-free disposal, so you can focus on packing and enjoy your last few months at post.

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We can tailor fit workshops for a group of 5-10 people. Decluttering for Beginners will help you tackle your clutter without getting overwhelmed. How To Turn Clutter Into Cash can help you sell your unused items in snap.