Shannon king

Shannon King


Dear readers and fellow Declutterers,

I'm a father of four and I have been selling unused stuff for a year or so. I've sold mobile phones quickly in the past, but to be honest, other items are not so easy to sell. Thanks to Ayessa Bautista, who advocates decluttering and gave me tips on how to quickly sell, I was able to sell 17 shoes (mine, my wife's and my childrens') in less than 30 hours.

I am also happy to have read your tips Ayessa, not just on how to take photos well, but also the FORMAT OF THE POST which is the most helpful of all.I completely understand why administration and monitoring of posts is very important, it makes life easier for both buyers and sellers.

I also read about your recommended methods of shipments, which made my life easier thanks to not having to research. Lastly, I would definitely heed your services for estate sales in the near future!

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vanessa bago llona

Vanessa Llona



If you’ve accumulated some things or a lot of stuff, and you wish to have them disposed of or simply have a decluttered, minimalist lifestyle, then Ayessa and her Declutter MNL is the answer to your prayer. Ayessa’s experiences as a wife of a diplomat is clearly a big bonus to her team’s highly organized decluttering business.

I also appreciate Ayessa and her team’s concern and tips if one is having difficulty parting with some items because of attachment or what not. They are very professional, organized and efficient. Whether one is a seller or a buyer, Ayessa and her team ensure that one walks out happy with his/her new find. Thank you Ayessa for all the help!

Paz Maria D. Santos

Paz Ma. Santos


I have always loved decorating my home, and being able to participate in online groups, such as DECLUTTER MNL and MOVING MNL, has allowed me to stretch my budget and acquire beautiful preloved pieces at an affordable price.

Now, my home is looking more put-together and clutter free. Thanks to the administrators, especially to Ms. Ayessa, for ensuring the quality of the members and the items being sold, as well as to fellow members for letting go of items that are more needed in other homes and making it easy for people like me to decorate our homes at half the price.

Buying items is so easy and very convenient as the administrators/sellers answer queries as soon as they can coupled with convenient  online payment transfers and use of fast and efficient  couriers.  Cheers to more fuss free selling and buying.

Jenn Castillo


Having my kids at 21 and unprepared had my apartment populated with hand me downs and the cheapest cobbled together crap you can imagine. Needless to say, though I remain grateful for everyone’s help, my living room was not my favorite place to hang out.

When Ayessa moved back to Manila I told her so - and she wouldn’t let me keep enduring it. She helped me pick out precisely what I loved about the Pinterest photos I had already obsessively collected for inspiration, but never had the gumption to act on, and together we came up with a cohesive plan for each area of my living room, and then the bedrooms. Then when she came across items that would fit into the plan (and my budget) on the Facebook marketplace, she tagged me and my #JungleSala is now a fabulous reality. Humility aside, I love when people come over and tell me they love what I’ve done with the place. Ayessa takes the time to establish what a client really wants - a viable plan follows, and then it manifests. With her, home improvement is actually an act of self care.

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The greatest blessing is being a blessing to others. That was my realization that evening when we were in the middle of planning our move and a good friend of ours shared to me the services of DECLUTTER MNL.

Moving homes, unearthing all the things we’ve accumulated through the years can be daunting and overwhelming. I was telling myself that I promise not to be a hoarder anymore.

Ayessa and her team sent me a template to begin the task of listing items that I was ready to give up. The emotions of parting with things that I thought my family & I needed to keep, made this simple task difficult. But I was advised by Ayessa that to make it easier, ask yourself one thing “does this thing still make me happy?” and actually touch the item while asking yourself this, and so I did.

DECLUTTER MNL arrived and it was easy breezy from then on. All I had to do was prepare the items that are clean and photograph ready. They will assess it, then put it up in their site and take care of the selling and negotiating! All I had to do was give the final approval and make sure someone’s there for the pick-up of the item sold.

Everything else that was left, DECLUTTER MNL arranged for it to be picked up and donated to a charitable recycling center. The experience was pleasant, efficient and liberating. What was once clutter had transformed to be a blessing not just for me and my family, but to others as well. Thank you DECLUTTER MNL!

deslie dela torre

Deslie Dela Torre


I highly recommend Minimaluxe. Ayessa the consultant, understood where I was coming from. She knew how to communicate in a level where my spirits can be lifted up and that there is hope to my clutter ordeal. I had a lot of stress from the clutter (which) I didn't know how to deal. It affected my feelings towards my husband and my relationship with my baby, and even my relationship with myself. She helped me build up a plan on decluttering with helpful questionnaires and guidelines. Questions like, where to start and when to finish, what's most important to me and what needed the fastest fix (the most). I was encouraged to go home and do what we had talked about in reference to my answers, she was good at following up as well. I wouldn’t have done it fast enough, had she not been so good and kind with her follow-ups LOL :)

While decluttering she helped me with designs, colors, lines, even lighting consistency! And that made my next decluttering projects easier. I was proud of my little accomplishment in little time and I can proudly say that our rooms are now a lot better from our "after" pictures when we had our virtual consultancy. I was guided correctly and I was given a good reference like Mari Kondo. If you need help because there's too much resources available and there's too much decluttering articles to read and watch go with the experts in decluttering like Minimaluxe. They helped me do the changed I want.

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goni gonzalez-tagaysay

Goni Gonzalez-Tagaysay


Hiring Ayessa and her team was a great way to end 2017. I had been struggling with de-cluttering my own closet despite having tackled most of the house already. Seeing the state it was in every single day was not fun.

Ayessa made the whole process smooth. From inquiry to finishing the job, it was easy and stress free. On de-cluttering day, my only job was to say yes or no to an item. She and her team took over the segregation and organization of the items I had chosen to either dispose or keep. 

They redid my closet and organized it in a way that made sense.  She taught me how to fold properly to save space. Best of all, they utilized whatever organizing items I had on hand. I was not pressured to buy any pre-session.

We finished in 2.5 hours and covered a lot of ground. The fee I paid was so worth it! HUGE sigh of relief after (and BIG smiles all  around).

I would definitely recommend Ayessa’s service to anyone who desires to de-clutter but is struggling with it.

Screenshot 2018-10-16 16.26.03.png

Ali Marsh

Expat MNL to SG


Ayessa and her fabulous team did an amazing job of clearing my house of unwanted items ahead of our move to Singapore.

I was so impressed with the professionalism of the service, and in particular how the team found similar items for sale and set the prices accordingly. The sale posts were also very professional and I know the Declutter ladies ended up selling my items for MUCH more than I would have, if I had sold them myself.

The team made it easy for me to remember when items were being collected and even advised my helper, so she could arrange if I wasn’t home. A fantastic service for time-poor expats ahead of moving!

arlene buenviaje-juliano

Arlene Buenviaje-Juliano



I am really so grateful for Ayessa's decluttering services. I've wanted to sell all my old stuff, after moving back from Singapore years ago. I have an extremely busy schedule, so I simply did not have the time to sort and sell my stuff. 

Ayessa and her team did all of that for me. The whole process was so easy -- from the initial meeting, the selling, and even the arrangements for pickup of sold items. 

It was effortless (for me) and made a decent amount of money.  Definitely a must for anyone looking to simplify and declutter!

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tanya reyes-juliano

Tanya Reyes-Juliano

Puesto MNL



I am very happy with the services of Ayessa and her team from DeclutterMNL. They are very organized, efficient and pleasant to work with.

From sorting, packing and pick-up – they helped us handle everything effortlessly. I was finally able to dispose of several pre-loved household items that needed new owners and homes. 

I was not her main client at that time, but she included me as she serviced my sister in law, who was my neighbor. I will definitely be using them again in the future.

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Screenshot 2018-10-16 16.14.29.png

Cheese Ledesma-Ong

La Creperie Co-founder



I'm so thankful that my friend referred me to DECLUTTER MNL

I contacted them just 2 weeks before I moved out of my house and they lightened my moving load and stress by a whole lot! Aside from selling 59 items for me, they scheduled a Foundation to pick up all my items for donation. 

They were so professional from start to finish, handled everything from taking nice photos, making good descriptions, researching comparative retail prices, handling  transportation options for the items, coordinating with my helpers for pick-ups and arranging payment and reports. 

I highly and wholeheartedly recommend Ayessa and her team. Their fees are well worth the benefits they provide and their service was exceptional and exceeded my expectations.