Letting Go Of Heirloom Furniture

Tanya has been the caretaker to some furniture pieces, that had been with their family since they were children. They were in a home shared by the family, but was not currently in use. 

So instead of having these beautiful vintage solid Narra pieces sit in the dark, unused, she and  her family decided it was time to let go, to perhaps make space for new pieces. Before letting go of heirloom pieces, it’s important to ask the next generation, if they are willing to part with it, or if they would like to keep it themselves.


If you would like to make the most money out of your furniture, your best bet is to sell through an auction house. You can start by emailing them photos of the items.  They will then let you know if it is something that they can auction off, and how much it is valued at. Having them value your piece is FREE so it doesn't hurt to do this at all.

Once you decide to have it auctioned, please be aware that it's possible that the item will not sell, and you will still have to pay them around 2.5% of the reserve price - which is not bad considering how they professionally photograph, print a catalogue, display your items and then promote the auction. If it is sold, you then give 20% commission to the auction house. Rates may vary depending on your location, so please confirm with the auction houses in your location.


However if the items are in need of repair or refurbishing, but you have no time or energy to do it, then a preloved online estate sale is your best bet. You can do it on your own or we can do it for you, so you don't have to bother with collecting payments and coordinating pick ups and deliveries. 


When buying preloved vintage pieces online, we have to know that we are getting a bargain because these items have been used for more than 20 (vintage) or 100 (antique) years. So expect normal signs of wear from it's age and use, and the need to do a bit of restoration or refurbishing. 

We were so happy to find new homes for Tanya's family heirlooms. Buyers knew they were getting solid hardwood pieces that just needed a bit of TLC. 

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