How Moving Teaches Us to Declutter

Our client Arlene was a multinational executive with a super busy schedule. So much so that she and her husband didn't have time to declutter their stuff before moving back to the Philippines after years of being expats in Singapore.

Most of the stuff that she brought home would no longer fit in the new space and life they were building, so we went over to their half-way house to evaluate, photograph and really take stock of what they had. 

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Part of the process is discussing every piece, to know if it is something they really want to keep because it sparks joy, or if they are ready to purge it from their lives. Each item has a story and this is so important to us, because we take 100% responsibility for the things that we dispose of in our estate sales

The most reputable local Facebook groups do not allow people to sell things that are not their own. Why? Because it is a scammers excuse to say, "I'm sorry it was my sister's / brother's / friend's item, I didn't know it was fake or damaged, etc."  This is not our style. When we sell something, we want to know it like our own, so we can answer buyers' questions fast and gain their trust. 

Now Arlene and her small family can move to to a new space, only with the things that spark joy, happy in the knowledge that their well-loved Singapore furniture and decor are with new owners, that will use and love them. 

Moving homes is the greatest decluttering teacher.
— Ayessa Bautista

When we move to a new place, it really puts things into perspective, because when you see stuff that you have been hanging on to for years, beside freshly painted walls and new furniture, you suddenly realize that it no longer fits your new space or style.  

We are happy to find new owners, who would love to refurbish your stuff and give them new life in their homes.