Declutter Amanda


We had the pleasure of helping Celebrity Mama Blogger-Author-TV Host-Model, Amanda Griffin-Jacob, declutter after she moved to a new space. Amanda wanted to let go of the storage space she had been renting all these years. So it was all laid out and we guided her through the Kon Mari Method.  

The results were drastic. Amanda has a beautiful eye, but she could not have the minimaLUXE space that she wanted, until we disposed of things that no longer fit her current life and style. To allow her style to shine, we disposed of 75% of her belongings. We donated and recycled a lot of things, but also held an online garage sale on DeclutterMNL and her own group Glam-O-Mamas, her proceeds then went to her annual grassroots charity program which she writes about here.


Would you like to see the before pics? It's definitely not blog-picture-perfect but to see the before is to see how much Amanda has achieved in her decluttering journey. Amanda was the perfect client, because she was determined, quick to decide and really internalized the Kon Mari Method of getting rid of anything that doesn't spark joy. 

Again I want to emphasize that to achieve a decluttered life, we begin with absolute clutter.

You need to put everything out in the open so you can touch each item, one by one, and feel which items spark joy. Only those that spark joy are kept and organized. The rest of the items are disposed of properly in an environmentally conscious and sustainable manner. 


The work we did with Amanda cannot really be explained in one post alone so here we write about the specific things we did for her:

We will be adding more links here as we post more transformations!