Fun Yet Easy to Store Halloween Decor

I've never been one to make a huge effort for Halloween, but it’s a massive deal in our neighborhood, with a Halloween program for the kids plus the trick or treating. Boy, did I learn an expensive lesson on our first Halloween here. I had to do some last minute shopping in a posh department store because it was the nearest place I could find. After that, I swore to prepare for Halloween earlier and reduce the mom-stress.

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As the parent of a son who enjoys the festivities, I wanted to make Halloween decorating quick, easy and affordable!


  • Affordable & good value for money

  • Easy to install

  • Easy to store

  • Reusable

#MINIMALUXETIP: Go for LIGHT and STORE FLAT decor whenever possible.

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Decals are high impact yet store flat or rolled and are reusable, unlike these mouse stickers which were advertised as decals but were hard to remove and onetime-use only. It was so much fun installing them to make it look like we had a mice infestation, but I was disappointed that they weren’t reusable decals, as the Amazon listing said they would be.

Now I know to search for “window clings” instead. You can check these out instead: spider web window clings | cute clings | bat clings

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These bats and witches swirls are packed flat, then extend and swirl when hung. They were so easy to hang using either tack or by hooking onto existing drop lights. It was so much fun scattering them in our entry-way. Can you believe that this was just one pack? Please handle carefully so you can enjoy for many years to come.

It was so cheap to send via LBC shipping cart from the USA to Manila because it was flat.

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I bought two packs of this and have used them every Halloween. Even everyday items can be spooky when you drape fake spider webs on them.

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Get a soft felt pumpkin like this instead of hard, breakable ones. Wrap with silica packets in furniture wrap and stash easily for next year, without having to worry about dropping or breaking them.

I got an amazing deal on this white one from Pottery Barn and had it air shipped it via shipping cart.

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So I got this huge mobile on super sale on the Pottery Barn website last year and had it shipped by sea freight, which is why we are only using it this year. I don't mind because it was easy to stash the flat packaging in a closet. I was planning on putting it on top of our dining table (like below), but since that would require a very tall ladder, I used it for the entrance this year.

pottery barn halloween mobile

I used Tesa Ceiling Hook to hang it, so I can remove it easily after Halloween. Or I might keep it up to hang Christmas decor. The best thing about it, is that it can be removed without damaging the ceiling, and I can reuse it, for other locations or events. Here are some other alternatives for hanging: 1 | 2 | 3 (always weight your item before hanging and check the weight capacity of your hook)

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The glittery banner with a spider dangling from it is super fab over our front door and was also bought highly discounted here.

Though it will store almost flat, be warned that it sheds lotsa glitter, so it is not as easy to handle and store. A good vacuum is a must.

uhu tac

8. UHU tac is my best friend

As an career expat and perpetual renter, UHU Tac is my best friend. I am able to put up decor without damaging the surfaces of my rental AND this tack is reusable! #ZeroWaste Since I have white walls and ceilings, I used the white for most of my Halloween decor.

In fact I raved about it here. For the Philippines and other hot, humid countries, I recommend using tack only for temporary party or seasonal decor, but not for hanging items semi-permanently because the heat, humidity and earthquakes affect the tack. Things, like my bathroom clocks, fall off. Thank goodness they were cheap light ones from IKEA, and I was able to put them back up. When we used it in our bathrooms in Germany, we didn’t experience any clocks falling. I usually like placing light IKEA clocks in the bathroom of our homes, and this tack is what worked for us in Germany.


After our very first attempt to do Halloween decorations 3 years ago, I sold all the cheaply made, bulky and fragile Halloween decor. It was a loss to be sure, but I was just so relieved that I didn't have to pack it, only to discover it broken or moldy the following year. So don’t be afraid to let go to simplify your life.

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#MINIMALUXETIP: In my opinion, the BEST time to buy decor is on clearance AFTER THE HOLIDAYS. But there are also so many Thanksgiving sales right now.

Hope you got inspired by these decor ideas. If not for this year, then buy on super sale for next year - as long as they are easy to store.

Do you have any tips for stress-free Halloween decorating? I would love to hear it in the comments below!

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