Declutter Your Mind & Life Workshop


It has always been a dream of Ayessa, founder of DeclutterMNL, to hold a workshop where she could to teach others first hand the decluttering skills and practical choices that have simplified life in each of the cities she’s lived in. This year, the DeclutterMNL Team made it a goal. And with the help of branding/life/mindset/wellness coach extraordinaire, Martine De Luna, we were able to make it happen.

The first ever Declutter Your Mind & Life Workshop was held in Makati, Metro Manila last 23 February 2019. We were nervous and excited for the day we’ve all been preparing tirelessly for, and the guests rolled in and the festivities began. It was great to connect with each special attendee, coming from so many different backgrounds, in different states of clutter, and see how they were also connecting with each other. Please scroll down to watch our video of the workshop.



The first objective of the workshop was to talk about our existing mindsets that held us back from living a decluttered life. After all changing our mindsets, changes our lives. Martine De Luna discussed not just the health results of a happily decluttered home but dove deep into the reasons why we have clutter in the first place. It was extremely insightful and enlightening, as Martine walked us through old frames of thought that were influenced by our very own upbringing and the belief systems our parents passed down to us. Now, as adults, we forget to question how we think of stuff and our relationship with our clutter. Our attendees were able to not just share, but also process their thoughts and experiences, we moved onto the practical side of decluttering.



What was unique about the workshop was that it was in Ayessa‘s DiploHome so we could really see how she applied the different tips and tricks she loves to blog about and teach her decluterring clients. Nothing is more inspiring than seeing it in person, and having an exclusive peak through her closets & storage. Room per room, the attendees were shown and taught the ideal ways of storing items, arranging closets, and decorating in a mindful and meaningful way with less clutter.

Ayessa shared how she created & decorated sleeping areas that are restful and promote calm and relaxation, not just in her own bedroom, but also DiploBaby’s room. Every corner from the living room to the utility area was seen with the best tips to keep things tidy easily, and making life easier.

The hands-on KonMari folding demo was a chance for everyone to learn to fold clothes in the a way that’s efficient and almost therapeutic.



The workshop was a hit right from the get-go, and to top it all off, our attendees went home with a bag full of DeclutterMNL approved products that are not only effective but also made from natural ingredients. These products also help simplify our most problematic areas, while being safe for everyone from the tiniest members of our households. We are so grateful for our brand partners who said yes, because we are able to show our attendees that it’s possible to live a more decluttered life while creating healthier homes for our families. Best of all they are locally made and more environmentally sustainable. Armed with these products, our attendees are well on their way to a more decluttered life.

  • Kurin Water is chemical free, all natural WATER used as a cleaner, degreaser, sanitizer, and, deodorizer. From cleaning your jewelry, to rinsing your fruits and vegetables, and sanitizing your hands this Super Alkaline Ionized Water can be used to clean all your household and personal items.

  • One products that can do many things, will really declutter your cleaning pantry!

Esscentials Manila

  • Calming Green Tea Gentle Liquid Soap

  • Bug Off Insect Repellant

  • Lavender Fields Hand Sanitizer

Esscentials Manila has all kinds of all natural products you can use from liquid soaps to oils for diffusing. They are a favorite of mine for gifting personalized products that can easily be refilled. Be sure to ask which of their products are made with essential oils and no harsh chemicals. This travel sized kit is perfect for mamas and also for kids to keep in their school lockers - especially when their school bathrooms don’t have soap!



TinyBuds Newborn Laundry Wash is not just perfect for newborns (especially if you are using environmentally friendly reusable diapers!), but it’s also recommended for all family members because 1) it doesn’t pollute your indoor air with synthetic fragrances 2) no harmful ingredients that can cause allergies and 3) it totally declutters your laundry area because ONE SOAP, can be used for all: whites, coloreds, blacks, silks, etc. Say good-bye to numerous bottles cluttering up your laundry! 4) it’s biodegradable and better for the environment.

Did you know that in Germany Talcum Powder is no longer recommended for babies? Talc is not safe for inhalation, so even if you are putting it on the skin, there is still the possibility of inhaling the fine talcum particles, even if we try to hold our breaths. We can’t really tell babies to hold their breath.

Tiny Buds Rice Baby Powder is the 1st baby powder made from 100% real rice grains, with no talcum powder and harmful preservatives. It’s safe for babies with skin asthma and skin eczema. Mom’s can use this too as their setting powder when applying make up!

Nature To Nurture


Why use dishwashing soap that uses synthetic colors and fragrances and chemicals? Nature to Nurture’s Baby Bottle and Dish Wash is the perfect solution for that. Their Multi Purpose Cleaner is ideal for cleaning everything, even children’s toys. So you can spray away without worrying about your children’s or your own health. It’s formula is concentrated so you’ll only need a few cap-fulls for big surfaces to clean, mix with water and spray! You can buy the spray bottle first which is already diluted and then when you run out just buy the concentrated refills and mix with water. .

Messy Bessy

  • Messy Bessy Dust Mite Spray

  • Messy Bessy Roach Repellent Spray

  • Messy Bessy Disinfectant Aroma Spray

  • Messy Bessy Pocket Sanitizer

Many people still use toxic chemical sprays to kill pests in our homes, but we don’t realize that we are also slowly poisoning ourselves. It’s no wonder indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air, despite all the cars and traffic. Because we use so many products at home that are actually harmful and toxic.

This is why I love Messy Bessy’s Dust Mite Spray for mattresses, carpets, stuffed animals, and even pet beds and Messy Bessy’s Roach Repellent Spray! When we spray things in the air we need to be aware that smaller beings like babies and pets are affected faster than adults are. I stopped using chemical sprays for cleaning and pest control in our first home in Jakarta because my brother in laws cat died of kidney failure from all the sprays they were using. I swear by the combination of this Roach spray and roach baits.

Even if you don’t have pets and children, you deserve a non-toxic home. Replace your chemical filled disinfectant sprays with their Disinfectant Aroma Spray. Their Pocket Sanitizer is perfect for yours and your baby’s hands because it’s food safe, so you wont need to worry about your toddler’s hands in their mouths, nor do you need to worry about eating french fries or picking up food with your hands.

Scentful Living

  • Scentful Living All Natural Odor Remover Lavander/Grapefruit

Get rid of smells that stick to rooms after cooking or the smell from drains of old buidlings with this powerful, yet saife odor remover! it’s made with all natural ingredients and come in heavenly scents of Lavender and Grapefruit! Many of the chemical sprays out there rely on covering or masking odors instead of removing them. I feel confident that I’m no harming myself or my baby and pet when I’m using this pray

Theodore’s Home Care

  • Theodore’s Home Care Dust Buster

Everyone was given a bottle of Theodore’s Home Care Dust Buster, their latest product that not only cleans furniture, but also makes it less prone to dust sticking to it, lessening dust build and reducing the need to clean. Again it’s made with only natural ingredients and essential oils, no nasty chemical scents that I am allergic to.

Travel Essentials

IMG_8527 (1).JPG
  • Monogrammed Valet Tray

  • Monogrammed Cord Organizers

Each of our attendees were also given Monogrammed Valet Trays and Cord Organizers with their names on it! I have been a fan of Travel Essentials for over a decade now. They make the most thoughtful Christmas gifts, and have made traveling in style and in an organized manner easier for me. They can be personalized too if you wish.

I love bringing along the travel caddy, because it packs flat, then I use it for placing valuables in the room’s security box. This way you don’t forget any tiny valuables in the safe.


Ayessa loves hosting with only the most delicious food. Our attendees were treated with some yummy food with healthy alternatives too!

Real Girl Toy Kitchen’s Chipotle Hummus, Spinach Artichoke, and Fresh Pesto dips.were equally delicious with pita bread and gluten free carrot sticks.


Truly Homemade Chips or TCH has mouthwatering Kamote Chips or Sweet Potato Chips, which is a healthier alternative to potato chips. They are a household favorite of The Diplos! We served it in three flavors:

  1. BBQ

  2. Sweet n Salty

  3. Sour Cream & Onion


IKOMAI x TOCHII is another favorite of Ayessa’s family because of their addictive Chicken Karaage (best you will every try I promise!) and freshly baked Peanut Butter Cookies. The chicken karaage, which is a secret recipe from Chef Hide’s father was served hot and freshly made. It was perfectly crispy outside and super juicy inside!

They have many different cookies and desserts at IKOMAI x TOCHI, but the peanut butter is a unique and surprising favorite too. Even peanut butter haters are converted!


Everyone loved our very own Gluten Free Quinoa Salad and couldn’t get enough of our Gluten Free Chocolate Chia Pudding. You can check out the recipes on Undiplomatic Wife’s blog.


It was an event for the books and one that we are already getting numerous requests on to have again. With so many asking when the next one is, another one is in the works in the near future! If you are interested in joining our next workshop please let us know here so we can get in touch with you with the details!


We were inspired by each of the women who attended, each of the generous sponsors who participated and our partnership with Martine. We hope to do it all over again soon! Please enjoy this short video that we made of the event!

I hope to meet more of you, and connect with you in future workshops and on Instagram. We would love to hear from you on DeclutterMNL Minimaluxe and unDiplomaticwife.


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