DeclutterMNL x Martine Workshop

When it comes to planning a solo decluttering session to clean out the pile of stuff-I-don’t-need-but-bought-anyway in our homes, a good number of us just end up staring at the cluttered mess and then vowing to do it the next day instead. Repeat.

But in all honesty, who can blame us? A mountain of useless things isn’t exactly the most appealing thing to be around, and if you don’t want to be around it, why sort through it? I mean, where do we even start?

That’s where DeclutterMNL and Martine De Luna’s “Declutter Your Mind & Life” Workshop comes in. It’s your one day ticket to the luxuriously minimalist lifestyle!

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A Little More Info…

Starting your journey to a clutter-free lifestyle isn’t as simple as picking something up and throwing it into a cardboard box; you’ve got to start with the why.

Why do you feel the need to declutter? Is it the heavy feeling it gives you when you walk into a room filled with dusty items that haven’t been touched in months? maybe even, years?

Is it the fresh start you need to live a healthier lifestyle?

What is your motivation behind decluttering? and more importantly, how will it benefit you?

At the workshop, Branding Coach Martine De Luna will dive into the science that links clutter to the mind, and why living clutter-free creates not only a healthier lifestyle but a healthier YOU over-all. We will help you find your reason and motivation to kickstart your tidying journey, and along with this, a number of helpful tips and tricks from DeclutterMNL’s very own Ayessa Bautista, who will discuss and demonstrate the actual act of practical tidying and decluttering right before your very eyes.

And all you have to do is watch, listen, and learn.

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So what are you waiting for?

Sign up here and jump start your luxuriously minimalist life: Declutter Your Mind & Life Sign Up Sheet