Jumpstart Your Decluttering: Watch Marie Kondo on Netflix

images via  condo living

images via condo living

Get inspired to declutter your life this year by watching Tidying Up With Marie Kondo on Netflix. You can binge watch the 8 episodes, or watch it one by one as it inspires you to make changes in the different ‘categories’ in your life.

Let me tell you a secret: Before I declutter or start tidying my home, I ALWAYS WATCH YOUTUBE VIDEOS OF THE KON MARI METHOD to:

  1. Get me pumped and excited to declutter my own stuff. It’s not easy, even for someone who does it professionally because of emotional attachment to my own stuff. It’s easier helping other people do it because I’m more objective.

  2. Get inspired by space and life transformations. This assures me that the end is worth the time and effort.

  3. Find decluttering and organizational ideas that I would like to apply in my space.

Each person has different tidying up needs, and I love how Marie Kondo’s show reflects different situations and how she applies or tailors the #MarieKondoMethod for each client’s needs.

It’s so important to feel that our unique situation is heard by our professional organizer, and that there is no one size fits all solution, because we all have unique spaces, needs, personalities and histories.

The one thing consistent with Mari Kondo’s method is this:

Does this Spark Joy?

The end result is that you keep only what Sparks Joy in your life and a space that truly makes you happy. The result usually spills over to the rest of our lives with better, less stressful relationships with homes and housemates/family members.

Please check out the trailer below. I hope that it gets you pumped to declutter your life in the new year and to learn what truly Sparks Joy. Letting go of what doesn’t Spark Joy gives space and honors the stuff that truly make us happy.


This TV show isn’t the end all and be all, so do not expect to become an expert in the Kon Mari Method, just by watching the show.

  • The secret to the Kon Mari Method is the folding so that each item can stand on it’s own and be stored vertically to see everything in your storage at a glance. If you don’t see how to fold a certain item, it’s always just a google or youtube video away.

  • The value of hiring a professional to help you declutter in the Kon Mari Method is to teach the entire family to tidy their own stuff. It’s not about having someone come do it for you, then not knowing how to maintain it. On the contrary, YOU each need to do your own decluttering, so you each know how to maintain it. Once you do the hard work, you will want to keep it tidy forever because you know how hard it was.

  • If you have read the books below, this TV show shows you the process visually, but as always the books are more detailed in explaining stuff. So if you are into the details, I highly recommend her books. It’s good to refer to when you are stumped on a category:

Thrilled that my hubby’s KonMari-ed closet was featured on her IG

Thrilled that my hubby’s KonMari-ed closet was featured on her IG

After more than a decade of decluttering each time we moved countries as a diplomat’s wife, it felt like I was perpetually drowning in clutter, but that all changed a few years ago, when I found the Kon Mari Method. It is the only method that really works! I read her books, watched her videos and applied the Kon Mari Method to my home. Since then I have also helped numerous clients declutter their homes using the Kon Mari Method. I specialize in helping people declutter before and after moving homes, to make the move less stressful.

Some people are able to do this on their own, but if you are in need of support or coaching, the DeclutterMNL team caters exclusively to Makati-based clients, and some nearby areas like BGC and Alabang.. We also do virtual coaching for clients who aren’t in the area.

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